Feng Shui FAQs


Bedroom image

Can you help me implement the cures?

Yes!  While the cures are easy to implement on your own, I am very happy to assist you after the initial consultation.

Will I need to buy anything?

I can generally work with what you already have.  In order to create optimal harmony and balance in a particular room, you may choose to purchase additional objects, such as crystals.  These items are often inexpensive and I can assist you in selecting and purchasing them.

What if my religious background does not align with feng shui?

While feng shui has its roots in ancient Chinese culture, there is no religious affiliation.  Since cures are implemented using a blessing, you are more than welcome to use a prayer or affirmation from your own religious background.  Feng shui is all about intention, regardless of your background, and making your space feel welcoming.



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