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Feng Shui in Your Office or Business

Does your work environment feel uncomfortable or even inhospitable?  A feng shui consultation at your office or business can not only help your space feel more comfortable for you and your clients, it can also improve your productivity.  Creating a harmonious quality of energy makes it much easier to make the positive changes you desire.

A feng shui consultation for an office generally lasts two to four hours, depending on the size and space.  We begin by discussing the areas of work environment which are causing concern.  Then we will walk through your office or place of business and look at the different areas that may need adjustments, or “cures.”  If your space is a store front, we will also look at the exterior and signage.

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A feng shui cure is a remedy that sets your intention.  Some cures may include using a particular color in a specific area, moving furniture or adding objects, such as artwork, crystals or plants—all of which will help the energy flow of your space.

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After our session I will send you a detailed report that includes pictures, problem areas and a list of cures with instructions for implementing them.  There are many choices for cures, so you can pick those that match your decor and style.

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Feng Shui in Your Home

A residential feng shui consultation is very similar to a business consultation, although a broader view of life issues will be addressed.  These could include finances, relationships, health, career, fun and creativity, to name a few.  Just as with a business consultation, we will walk through your home and discuss any areas specifically needing assistance, possible cures and how to implement them.  A home consultation generally lasts two to four hours, depending on the size of your space.  As with an office visit, a detailed report will be included.

Home Staging

Help your home stand out!  When you are getting ready to sell your home, there is nothing more important that having it in perfect show condition.  Applying Feng Shui to staging to your home can increase the appeal of your home and help it sell more quickly.  During a staging consultation, we will walk through your home and discuss ideas of how best to arrange furniture, “de-clutter” and add accents, if necessary.  An excellent first impression can be the difference of having your home sell quickly rather than sit on the market for months.

Space Clearing

Sometimes energy can be “stuck” no matter how things are moved around.  The result can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home or office, cause problems sleeping and even affect the success of your business.  I offer exterior and interior space clearing, or qi adjustment.  This could include using sage, noise or other techniques to move unwanted energy.  Tools, such as sage, bell ringing or clapping, can help move stuck energy, creating a space that feels more comfortable, livable and workable.  Sessions are customized to your needs, depending on the space, and usually last 30 minutes to one hour.




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