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Sports Meditation

Whether training for a local 5K or competing in the NFL, an athlete’s toughest opponent is his or her own mind.  Even just a slight amount of negative self-talk or unfocused thought can sabotage an athlete in the most crucial moment.  And the few seconds at the free-throw line or a kick during the final seconds of a game can overwhelm an athlete with pressure and stress.

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Meditation has been used for thousands of years to combat similar human performance challenges faced by individuals in wide-ranging circumstances.  It has been proven to increase focus, reduce stress and calm the mind in the most intense situations.  Many sports organizations and professionals recognize its benefits and include meditation and yoga as part of their training regimens.  These coaches and players have witnessed and experienced groundbreaking transformations.

Some professional teams and players in the U.S. who practice meditation include:

  • NFL team Seattle Seahawks.*
  • NBA teams Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers.
  • MLB player Derek Jeter.
  • NCAA basketball teams Penn State, Villanova and Michigan.
  • Olympic-gold-medal-winning volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

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Benefits of Meditation in Sports Performance

  • Increased focus and reduced stress
  • Increased emotional stability and detachment from negative thoughts
  • Strengthened immune system and improved sleep
  • Improved ability to cope with pain, depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced mental recovery from a loss or poor performance
  • Improved ability to cope with fear
  • Improved ability to create instant calm in high-pressure moments

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Meditation calms the amygdala,
which is the “fear center” of the brain.

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My services include guided training and classes, working with:

  • Individuals.
  • Small groups.
  • Whole teams.
  • Student athletes, from elementary school-age to college level.
  • Professional athletes.*

Meditation by Professional Athletes, in the News

*Learn more about how meditation is used by professional athletes, in the following articles:



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