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I had the opportunity to take one of Julie’s meditation seminars and I must say she has helped me tremendously in a very short period of time. As a former world class track athlete, I could have used her teachings when competing. I was a total head case and blew my chance at making the Olympic team because I was unable to contain my nervous energy and remained unfocused. Since her her class, I have been meditating on a daily basis as well as controlling my breathing and the like. She is a very knowledgable consultant. If you are looking to control stress, anxiety or release the everyday stuff life throws at you she is the person to work with!

− Patrick Mann, Denver, Colorado

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Julie Ratinoff’s Meditation Classes were my first introduction to the practice of meditation.  I am continually impressed by how simply she explains all the concepts and how easy it is to follow.  I have learned so many helpful techniques to use on my own and her in-class guided meditations are bliss.  I leave each class feeling calm, relaxed, completely refreshed and ready to face the world and any challenges that arise.  Julie is a ray of sunshine and I am blessed and thankful to know her.  I look forward to each opportunity to take her classes and further my meditation education.

– Amy Bargman, Brighton, Colorado

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I’ve attended two of Julie’s meditation classes, one as a guest and another as a host.  What she’s taught me has helped me so much with reducing anxiety and tension in my life.  And she is such a friendly, down to earth person!  If you have a chance to attend one of her sessions, do it!  It’s so worth it!

– Sarah Beckwith, Westminster, Colorado


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