Organizing Services


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Your Home

Gain control of that annoying clutter!  I will help you organize every part of your home, from the tiniest cupboard to storage areas in your basement or garage.  The problem is not always having too much stuff; it is finding a place to put it!  We will work together to find storage solutions and develop clutter management systems that fit your individual needs.  Don’t worry if your closets seem too small.  I will show you how to maximize small spaces for optimal storage.

Home Office & Business

Whether you are setting up a home office or business or want to better organize your current one, I can help you clear space so you can work more easily and efficiently. I will show you how to divide your office into categorized zones, make your desk an inviting place to work and keep office files in order.


The results: increased productivity, a less cluttered environment and the ability to focus on your priorities and goals.


Paper Filing Systems

Despite all our efforts to go green, paper clutter is still a major issue for most people, as bills, mail and school papers still seem to proliferate, usually into large, disorganized piles.  I will develop a filing system customized for your needs and personality and teach you how to maintain the system with ease.

Digital Filing Systems

Check out the average computer desktop and you will see clutter and disorganization on par with any regular desk.  I will help you create a customized filing system for documents, pictures, music, email and more.  We will also set up a system to back up your files and programs easily—so if the dreaded computer crash happens, it will be much less aggravating to restore everything.

Financial Records

No matter how terrified you feel about keeping your finances in order, I will help you sort all your receipts and invoices and set up files for categories, such as auto, medical and other tax deductions.  I will teach you how to use money management software, such as Quicken, to monitor your expenses, and even show you some simple techniques for managing your spending to more easily track your purchases.  You will be amazed by how easy and beneficial it can be to have effective financial record keeping.

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Children & Students

As a former teacher, one of my specialties is working with children and students of all ages.  Whether you want to carve out a play area for tots (without your house looking like a toy store) or teach your older children to improve their time management and study skills, I can help!  In this era of busy schedules and heavy workloads, students who learn how to balance their time between studying, work, sports and a social life will carry these skills into adulthood.

Time Management & Life Coaching

Do you feel like your life is out of balance?  Are you having difficulty staying on top of everyday activities such as keeping track of appointments or juggling both your personal and family’s schedules?  Don’t worry!  Whether you are having difficulty reaching your exercise, nutrition or weight goals or having problems managing your time, I can help you get back on track.  I will work with you in person or over the phone to help you take back control of your life.


We will explore different strategies to find one that works best for you, in creating a less stressful lifestyle.


Packing, Unpacking & Moving

Nothing can be more stressful than preparing to move and getting your home ready to sell.  Whether you need help planning and sorting for a garage sale, packing boxes in an orderly fashion or staging your home for showing, I will help make the process as pleasant as possible.  I will help you label boxes and pack strategically so the unpacking process will be easy and painless.




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