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Julie provided me with some great ideas for organizing my law office.  She is innovative in her approach to organizing and her enthusiasm for her work is compelling and inspirational.  She is a joy to work with and will continue to be a valued resource for my future organizational needs.

– Michael J. Grills, Northglenn, Colorado

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 Julie took me from overwhelmed to overjoyed in a very short period of time.  I really feel like I got my life back!  It was amazing how she intuitively knew how to work with my personal style.  Julie has big ideas but will also roll up her sleeves and work with you to get the job done fast (a mountain of paperwork in my case).  She made valuable suggestions that will help me stay organized over the long haul.

– Marti G., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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Julie worked with me for over two months about once a week to assist with reclaiming of my life.  I had to downsize from a 3800 square foot home to a town home about half of the size.  She has helped me in many areas such as organizing my paper clutter, basement, garage and basically most of the rooms in my house.  When I began working with Julie I was uneasy about what to do and what to get rid of. She made sure that I was comfortable at each and every step with what we were doing and how long we were spending.  We worked and the pace I set and everything was completed in a very timely manner.  Julie is not only extremely knowledgeable about what to keep and how to organize it, but took my lead in what I felt I would actually do versus just giving me another system.  She helped educate me on what things to keep and worked with me on an emotional level to let things go.  Julie was like my very own Peter Walsh, gently walking me through this sometimes difficult process by turning it into a blessing of reclamation.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs even just a little help getting organized!

– Margaret Kelley, Aurora, Colorado


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