Feng Shui for Spring


Spring Tulips

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. The trees are showing their tiniest first buds, the sunlight lingers a little longer each day, and in general, the weather is much more cooperative. Taking a cue from Mother Nature, this is a perfect opportunity to clear out the depths of winter and invite fresh spring energy into your space. Here are a few of my favorite feng shui ideas to freshen the energy in my home and life.


  • Do an overall scan of your house and take it one room at a time. What are you ready to let go of? Perhaps it is just as simple as a candle that invokes a negative memory. Perhaps it’s a painting that you are just tired of. Forget the fact that you spent a lot of money framing it. If it’s time to go, let it go. Clean out your pantry, medicine cabinets. Throw away anything expired or ignored. Clean out the literal and figurative cobwebs, no matter their location.

Open your windows

  • If the weather is nice, open all of the windows in your house. Open the front door and any other doors to the outside for a bit, and take a minute to envision your home or office filling up with fresh spring air, clearing out all of the winter stagnation. If you can leave the windows open all day, do it!

Re-evaluate your clothes

  • If you have a spring bucket of clothes stored somewhere, bring it out. As you add springier clothes to your closet and remove the heavy winter gear, I challenge you to get rid of 5 items of clothing. Maybe it’s something you haven’t worn in a while. It could be something you love, but need to face up to the fact that it has lost it’s shape and just doesn’t look nice anymore. I like to use this time to evaluate both warm and cold weather clothes to see if they still works for me. If it doesn’t, toss it!


    My favorite flip-flop bucket emerges from the basement

Move things around

  • Sometimes a small shift in decor, or maybe furniture can make a huge difference in space renewal. I spent a weekend re-hanging paintings in different areas of my house and was amazed at how much better I felt. Not only that, but I realized how they could serve better in another area of the feng shui bagua. And wow, what a difference! A friend came into my house the next day and said my home felt different. She recognized that it didn’t look like anything new was added; it just felt different, better.

Bring in fresh flowers or plants

  • This sounds cliché, but spring is truly about growth and renewal. What better way to honor this by adding live foliage. If you have a brown thumb, never fear, try something small and fairly easy like bamboo (I say fairly easy because it is possible to kill bamboo, yes, I’m speaking from personal experience).

Re-connect with nature

  • Go outside and be in nature. Even if this means just walking in your back yard with bare feet, so you can feel the first green blades of grass emerging. Go hug a tree. Yeah I said it, hug a tree; don’t be afraid to be the crazy person in the park. You’ll be surprised how good it actually feels. Winter is fabulous for cocooning yourself inside, but now it is time to get out and breathe the fresh air. If you have a windowless office, it’s even more crucial to get outside when you can. Even if you don’t smoke, take a “smoke break” and soak in a little vitamin D.

Whatever your spring rituals may be, now is the time to invite in new energy. Please share a comment and let me know some of your favorite ways to invite spring energy into your home and life.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Two-Tip Tuesday

Two-Tip Tuesdays are back by popular demand!

Not only are they new and improved, these tips will include a wider variety of ideas about organizing, feng shui, energy healing, meditation and more!  Because January is designated “Get Organized Month” by the National Association for Professional Organizers, today I included two tips to help you get organized.  As always, I love hearing feedback. Please let me know what you think, or feel free to share any ideas of your own!

Keep Container Lids in Check

Storage container lids image

Do you struggle to keep your kitchen storage container cabinet or drawer under control?  Chances are you’ve combated, along-side your leftovers, a round container and only a square lid to contend with.  It gets a bit tiresome and frustrating to then be forced to pull out half of your container collection to finally find a round lid, only to realize it is far too big.

Keeping your lids and containers separate is crucial to solving this age-old battle.  Try using a wire rack to keep those disorderly lids in check.  Using multiple smaller containers or baskets is another way to keep them separated.  This way you can sort and separate lids by size and shape, depending on how many baskets are used.  I’ve even seen an old CD rack used to keep those pesky lids in line.  All of these solutions allow you to stack your containers, keeping them organized as well.

Image credit: Lacy Willhite | Follow Lacy’s “For the Home” board on Pinterest.

Sticky Note Mayhem

Stacked sticky notes image

Do you find yourself forgetting daily tasks more frequently?  The busier life gets, the harder it becomes to remember every little task.  If something doesn’t get written down the second it’s thought of, there’s a good chance it will be forgotten.  In turn, it’s easy to end up with a chaotic mess of sticky notes around your workspace, including your computer monitor.

Did you know that your Windows 7 or Mac operating system includes a sticky note application?  In Windows, you’ll find the Sticky Notes application in the Accessories folder, accessible from the Start button > All Programs.  Simplify your unruly sticky note situation with this simple tool.  You can change the note colors and even format the text.  In Mac OS X, look for Stickies in the Applications folder.  Options and similar applications are available for download, but these are already built in.  Not only is this a neater way to keep your thoughts in order, it also saves paper and supports “going green!”


The Art of Balance Website is Live!

Stacked Stones thumbnail imageYou Are Cordially Invited to Attend a Website Open House

Earlier this month I announced The Organized Goddess was transforming into The Art of Balance.  The identity change includes a new look and a new website. …  After many grueling and educational hours, I’m excited to invite you to The Art of Balance open house, at JulieRatinoff.com!

Introducing: JulieRatinoff.com

Pencils with Holder thumbnail imageTour the main features of The Art of Balance website:

  • Three luxury suites for Organizing, Feng Shui and Healing services, each with private entrances from the main and footer menus, as well as the homepage:  Here I invite you to get help, discover and rejuvenate!
  • A Meditation room for upcoming classes:  I’m planning some time for us to calm our minds here, after the holidays.
  • From the About menu item, an adjoining parlor for Events:  I’m thinking about ways for us to become inspired in the New Year!
  • Also inside the About wing, you’ll find a gallery of historical before-and-after photos of Organizing Projects.
  • Lastly, tucked away on the right end of the menu, enjoy musings, tips and offers on the Blog.

Season’s greetings and happy winter solstice!

Chair with Orchid thumbnail image

Moving in and decorating has been a lot of work, and there’s still so much to do.  However, it really does feel like home now.  Please join me in celebrating this new space.  And feedback is always appreciated!

I would like to acknowledge and give a special thanks to the amazingly talented Jackie Flynt.  This website would not have been possible without all of her hard work, patience and dedication!  If you are looking for help with building a WordPress website, she’s your woman!

Be aware of wonder.  Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work everyday some.

Purple Floating Candles thumbnail imageRobert Fulghum


Warmest regards,

Julie Ratinoff, Owner/Practitioner
The Art of Balance, LLC


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