Two-Tip Tuesday: Digital Detox Challenge

iphone Glued to HandLast week I accepted the challenge of a digital detox. Inspired by an article written by Aarona Ganesan, my favorite coach, Jill Keuth started a group on Facebook to support brave souls taking this plunge. The concept is taking a break from your digital addictions. It started as not touching your phone for the first hour of the day upon awaking, but also addresses wherever you have electronic addictions throughout your day-to-day routines.

This past week, I have made some pretty big behavior shifts, ranging from not checking email in bed, to looking at Facebook during mealtime, to canceling cable. Note: this is not a requirement, just something I have been pondering for a while, and finally did it! And let’s face it, no one should start checking email before their first cup of coffee, just sayin.So, here is my challenge to you: Explore where you can add stillness and quiet to your day. Only you know your issues in the digital wasteland. So, try to eliminate something. Today’s tips will help you with a little digital detox of your own, and add to the challenge.

Relax Melodies AppRelax_Melodies

Sometimes it is challenging to sit in complete silence. As I’ve been playing around with different meditation techniques, I’ve noticed that it is much easier for me to sit in stillness with a little background noise.

Relax Melodies (free app for Android and Apple), is a fantastic way to create a variety of sounds ranging from basic white noise, to a babbling brooke, to a roaring rain storm.

You can compile multiple sounds on top of each other and control the volume of each. There is way to save them into your favorites, allowing you to keep track of your favorite renditions.

In addition, there is a timer setting, allowing for you to time your meditations, go to sleep listening to ocean wave bliss, or even set an alarm for the morning.

Warning: Creating sound combinations can add to your digital addiction. So, try to keep it simple in the beginning, and even consider using the pre-composed melodies.

Eliminate Notifications iphone Notification Hell

Having email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other notification on my phone is a huge challenge for me. Part of it is my OCD to keep my screen clear of blaring red numbers begging to be opened, but it is also a constant distraction. I constantly feel compelled to open an app the second a new notification pops up.

The simple solution?


It sounds so easy, but it is slightly painful to do. Just remind yourself that there is a pretty good chance you will be receiving emails and social media updates all day.

Set a specific time aside to check all of your email, etc. at once. This will not only help with efficiency, but can aid in removing some of the glue attached between your phone and your hip.

If this isn’t a big enough challenge, try taking social media apps off of your phone all together. See what it is like to eat a meal without looking at your phone.

Try it for a week…I dare you!!

As always, I want to hear from you! Hit REPLY and let me know what you are cutting out and how it is going!

Two-Tip Tuesday: Meditation Made Easy

People often tense up when they hear the word meditation. It can seem like a completely daunting activity, which requires aPurple Flowers with Floating Candles image | Rejuvenate with Healingperfectly clear mind, and the ability to twist yourself up into a pretzel.

If you haven’t heard it already, I’m here to tell you that it is simply not true. Meditation can be as uncomplicated as you want it to be. In fact, you may not realize it, but there are activities you are already doing that are indeed a form of meditation.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get you going. Even if you don’t have a meditation practice or have no interest, these are easy, useful techniques to bring yourself into a state of calm and relaxation.

If you want to learn more about how to create this calm in your inner world, work with your own energy, and increase your intuitive skills, join me this Thursday, from 7-9, online or in person for the Energy Balancing & Healing Workshop.


I know suggesting the idea of following your breath can sound like a broken record, but it truly is the easiest way to calm the nervous system quickly.

Try this different technique when you have a quick moment. Sit in any comfortable position (or stand, or lie down, or whatever feels good).

Take a deep breath, and when you can not longer inhale any more air, pause at the top of your breath and count to five. You can count in your mind or even use your hand and five beautiful fingers for assistance.

As you exhale all of your air, pause again at the bottom of your breath and count to five again.

Repeat several times and you will begin to feel your body and mind coming to a much more relaxed state. You will also find that your mind doesn’t have as much of chance to wander as you are focusing on counting.

Do not try this technique if you have any lung issues or if you have anxiety that comes up with holding your breath. You can always adjust the time of your counting, but if you feel panicky, try just counting your inhales and exhales without holding your breath.


This is a friendly reminder that meditation does not need to be a seated, focus on your breath, drive yourself batty with your monkey-mind activity.

There are many ways to add meditation into your daily life and exercise or any physical activity is one of them. It doesn’t have to be running or physically strenuous to reap the benefits. Find something you love. It could be walking, swimming, yoga, weights, cycling or whatever.

Acknowledge that time as a gift to your body and spirit. People exercise for many different reasons, but the next time you are getting physical, set the intention that this can be a meditation practice for your mind as well.

Meditation is all about being present in the moment. There is no better way to be present in your body than when you are moving it, in one way or another.

Listening to music is always helpful, but just once, try it without. You may hate that suggestion and that’s ok, but I challenge you to try it once and see what you notice about your surroundings. Listen to the birds chirp or the breeze rustle the leaves. Or maybe hear the sweaty, grunting meat head in the gym.

Let me know how this goes. I would love to hear from you!

Paralyzing Perfectionism

list making before writing

Perfectionism is an attribute that can strike us in a multitude of ways, as the word itself invokes both negative and positive feelings. While attention to detail is definitely a strength, the lengthy time you put into those details could be construed as weakness.

Sometimes perfectionism is an absolute necessity. After all, you wouldn’t want your cardio-thoracic specialist to stop midway during open-heart surgery to say, “Well, that’s good enough, let’s finish up early, so we can grab lunch.” It is this attention to detail that saves lives, builds structures safely, and provides security in so many aspects of our world that we take for granted.

However, perfectionism at its worst can lead us to become so goal focused, that other pressing issues are hardly noticed or completely ignored all together. While I appreciate my ability to be organized and efficient, I suffer from the worst kind of perfectionism; the paralyzing kind. The kind that prevents me from even starting something, because I know there is not enough time or I don’t have tools to do it exactly how I want; perfectly.

When this nasty form of perfectionism strikes, either procrastination or ADD generally take of over, deferring my attention elsewhere. I often find myself saying, “I’ll work on that when I have the time, right now I need to throw a load of laundry in,” or something similar. Squirrel!!!  Sometimes the procrastination can be productive, as I may tackle other pressing tasks. However, more than likely it often leads to a whole lot of thumb-twiddling and negative self-talk about how much I suck in that particular moment. In the end, nothing gets done.

This thought process has prevented me from doing one of my absolute favorite forms of creative outlet; writing. Whether it is my personal journaling, blogging for work, or crafting another anecdote for my book, writing has become my ultimate device for release.  Even posting a blog on organizing is extremely cathartic for me. So, I often beat myself up wondering why it had been almost a year between my last two blog entires. Sometimes I don’t write because my greatest moments of inspiration happen when I am nowhere near a pen or computer, i.e., the timing isn’t perfect.

By the time I sit down to write, inspiration has left me. Distractions such as dirty dishes, desperately calling to be washed,

Don't Get Lost in Your Laundry

Don’t Get Lost in Your Laundry

or needing to really check my Facebook, or the moon isn’t in the correct phase of it’s cycle and the wind isn’t blowing out of the NE are a few famous excuses I use to procrastinate yet another day. Other times, it is the self-inflicted pressure of, if I don’t feel the muse of creativity in this exact moment, there is no point in forcing crappy writing.

The truth is, if we wait for the perfect moment to start anything, very little would get done.  Sometimes it is necessary to endure the initial feelings of discomfort, sit your butt down, and just get to it! Surprisingly, you’ll discover that if you can get past the first minute of torturous focus, the flow has entered, and you can take flight.

The question still remains, how do we appease our inner perfectionist and allow ourselves to focus without ideal circumstances? What are the steps to overcome this paralyzing perfectionism? While there is no direct formula, as it will be different for everyone, here are some ideas to try out. 

Stop the negative self-talk.

Yes, I understand this is easier said than done. I am the queen of “I should be” or “What is wrong with me that I can’t just do this now?!?” But have you ever been motivated by putting yourself down? If anything I sink further into self-loathing. So, knock it off and be loving to yourself! This is my message for me too, by the way.

Take three (at minimum) deep cleansing breaths before starting.

It’s always helpful to clear the mind and feel centered. Don’t worry about meditating if it is not in your practice. You can take the time for three deep breaths, I promise. You’re already breathing anyway, right? 

Schedule a time into your calendar.

Having the task in your calendar makes it more official, just like a hair appointment or school conference. Be playful, and make it a fun title that will empower you. I love goofy acronyms, so I created BADASS time every morning: Blogging About Daily Adventures, Silly or Serious. And really, who wouldn’t want to feel like a badass every morning?

Set a timer and start with a ridiculously short amount of time like 10-15 minutes.

StopwatchThis baby-step can help you defeat overwhelm and pressed for time feelings of panic. Even if you have to spend a few moments writing down the words “this sucks, I hate this!” I promise, it will quickly pass. You may find that after about one to two minutes of complaining, you actually dive in. The more you practice this, the short amount of time will fly by so quickly that you may want to continue. And if not, stop when the timer dings, and know you’ve accomplished your goal by using the allotted time.

Create ritual around it.

Maybe this includes setting up a special space (depending on the task you are trying to complete). Other ideas could be lighting a candle or pouring yourself a fresh cup of coffee. Whatever it is, your brain will begin to enjoy this repetition and crave this activity once the ritual starts.

Ask yourself how you want to feel when the task is completed.

Even if you don’t feel it right away, bring in this energy of amazingness. It’s the whole “fake it till you make it” philosophy. It may take some time to actually feel that way, but it will eventually start to sink in. 

Reward yourself

Set up a system of rewards. It could be something small and daily, like a latte when you are done. Or use something a little bigger like a pedicure or massage at the end of the week or two. Maybe even a shopping spree at the end of the month. Whatever your incentives are, treat yourself, you deserve it!

At the end of the day, what do you really have to lose? Most likely, you will survive if you eliminate the time spent wandering in circles around your house or stalking your Middle School arch-rival on Facebook. Even if you only scratch the surface of a task, I promise a little taste of success with feel so much groovier than the self-inflicted guilt and shame that comes up with avoidance. So, be gentle my perfectionistic friends, take your baby-steps and accomplish your tasks. If I can do it, so can you!

While these are a few of my favorites, I would love to hear what you have tried to battle this terrible affliction. Please comment and share your success stories!

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